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Virtual Investing is a way to build a real estate investing business that does deals in a totally different city or state. You close deals entirely over the phone without ever having to visit properties, meet with sellers, or show up to closings in-person.


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"2nd virtual deal! Thank you Lauren for all the help I couldn't have done it without you. I failed for almost 2 years without 1 deal or even coming close. Anyone who is struggling don’t give up and keep working your ass off. It will pay off. "


"I absolutely loved it! I came into this knowing nothing and so far I’ve got contracts and closed contracts. She is so involved with her students, every question we have is answered. She even helped me negotiate & talk to my JV partner."


"I find the entire course very helpful. Very thorough from start to finish! ..Lauren is very one on one with everybody. My favorite part is that you get to talk to her directly & get different insights from her ..Overall I give it 5/5 stars. It has been great!"

This is the EXACT script I train my sales team on and make them use for every seller qualifying call.

It has taken me YEARS and THOUSANDS of sellers to come up with a perfect script that is so good, I can close 100%  of these deals over the phone!  

Believe it - I don't ever go to a single seller meeting. We don't even live in the same state as these sellers! 

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This script will help you land deals over the phone!

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